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WOW....i met my idols wednesday night!!


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Before i start off, i'd like to say that i wanted to post this yesterday, but i've been bogged down with so much homework lately.




for all of you who don't like to read a lot:


I met Muse, my favorite band wednesday night at the concert in davis.


for you who are inerested in what i have to say:


Me and my 3 friends (two members of my band plus one) went to see MUSE wednesday night at Freeborn Hall at U.C. Davis. Well, we got their at 4:30 (concert started at 7:30) just to be sure we got a good place in the Frist come first serve standing room line. we got their and were early enough that there was only 4 other people there (no line yet). so as me and my guitarist were looking at some signs of upcoming concerts outside of Freeborn Hall(other two friends were playing games in a nearby arcade), guess who opens the doors to the venue and walks out...MUSE!!!


all of a sudden my mouth was wide open, and i kept repeating "oh my god", cuase, my god, this is a band that's been on magazine covers, websites, international TV, headlined festivals with 80,000 people, and, not to mention, are amazing musicians. thankfully, i had brought a lone a pen, and one of their albums CD insterts. i walk/ran up to the bassplayer (instinctivly :D ) and said something like, "Oh my god you guys are like my favorite band, i'm a bassplayer in a rock band! can i get your autograph?!".


it was so amazing, i ended up getting all of their autographs, shook their hands, and talked to Chris Wolstenholm (the bassist)for a few minutes about his broken wrist (he's been playing bass live for a few weeks with a cast on :eek: ) and about their U.S. tour.


some one said that Matt Bellamy (guitar, vocals) was arrogant and a bad person. He was COMPLETELY the opposite. they were all stopped for pictures, gave autographs to anyone who wanted one, were all smiles, and really super nice guys. another cool thing, other people (there were only about 15 people around when they came out) that wanted autographs after they realized who i was talking too didn't have pen's. so i let Matt Bellamy Use Mine. He walked off with it ( i coulda said something, but i think he'll get more use outta it. ;) )


the SHOW:


it didn't start on time due to slow roadies, and the opening band was HORRIBLE ("America's Waiting" was their name), but after that, whew. since it was such a small place, i was standing center stage, 2nd row behind the barricade.


man did they rock. they are super great musicians, and do some really cool live stuff (the guitarists did this little moon walk in a perfect circle back to his mic during a bass solo).


it ended at 11:00 at night, so i didn't have time to post this then.


whew, it may not seem as cool to you, but to have been able to meet this band, and see them live in a small venue like this, well, it was simply a dream come true.


thanks for reading, and taking an interest in my experiance.





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Very cool. I am glad you got the opportunity to meet someone like that. Very special.

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BGO, that is so awesome! :thu:


This is an experience that you'll be able to enjoy and talk about for the rest of your life!


And yes, one day there will be a group of fans waiting to get into your concerts! And I know already that you will be just as awesome as these guys were. :thu:


Thanks for sharing the story.


... connie z

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Same thing happened to me a decade or so ago.


One afternoon I went to Ft. Worth's "Caravan of Dreams" (RIP)to purchase tickets for Oregon. Ralph Towner and friends. I started studying the URB because of a bass line I heard Glen Moore play.


While I was buying the tickets I heard the music. I thought it was a CD, but I looked around the wall and saw them practicing. I walked in.


They stopped (I suppose they thought I was the janitor.) I said "I play bass because of you. I'm sorry I'm gushing like a teenage girl, but you guys have been my favorite band for...."


Well you know how that goes. Ralph Towner told me he loved me gushing like a teen-age girl. They practiced for a bit more, letting me watch, until the house manager ushered me out, saying they were getting ready for a show.


At the show, the band announced they were playing a tune "for our bass playing brethren" out there.


Let it be said, for the record, I was over 30 when this happens. And yes, I bought the videotape, and they all autographed it.

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About three years ago I got the chance to see Switchfoot live in Eugene, OR. I was the closest person to the stage, was invited up on stage to help sing during one song and generally had an awesome time. I waited around after the concert for about 20 minutes and the guys came out. I got to talk to them for about 20 minutes. It was tons of fun.

I also went to a couple Victor Wooten concerts in the same venue. The second time I was with my current roommate who is a friend of Wooten's drummer, Derico Watson. Unfortunately I had to leave immediately after the concert because I had a 2.5 hour drive and I was taking someone home. I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep before work, but that is not the point. See, my roommate and everyone else I was there with stuck around afterward and got to meet the whole band and hang out with them for over an hour. As someone mentioned in another thread, they had nothing negative to say about Vic. The next time I get that kind of opportunity I will not pass it up. The Wooten Brothers play every Wednesday here so I will show up there as often as possible. Vic usually isn't there, but when he does show I will already know all his brothers. Well, I don't want to hijack the thread. It is all about BGO and his wonderful experience. Very cool.

Let your speech be better than silence, or be silent.


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice.



"Rendirme? Que se rinda su abuela, *#@!^$"

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