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I met one of my local bass idols tonight!

Connie Z

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It was so cool! :cool: Because she is one of the coolest bass players I have had the pleasure of experiencing. :love:


She plays in the pocket, with or without a drummer! I think she invented the pocket! Her lines are innovative, but subtle, and her "groove" could not be any better. I am just so impressed.


Her name is Cassandra Faulconer. I originally saw/heard her perform at the Jazz Fest this year. She was in a funk band, and I thought they were from out of town. I didn't realize that she was a LOCAL treasure! (Although she is not originally from New Orleans... she's been here long enough, so that Nu Awlins is obviously in her blood!)


Then someone gave me a news clipping about her, cause they knew I'd be interested cause she is a female bassist. Then I was even more hooked.


Then... she was in the INTERVIEW ARTICLE in Offbeat Magazine, with George Porter, Jr. and I totally fell in love with her. (In a platonic sort of way! :D )


Then... tonight... I went to the filming of a local TV show highlighting live music, something like "new orleans after hours," and she was in a band that performed on the show.


I had the BEST time! She has the best "feel" for bass playing I've ever seen. She is just awesome.


I was able to meet her and gush over her a bit at the end of the show. She was totally gracious and very humble. A really sweet person.


I am still so tickled! I feel extremely motivated to become the best player that I can be!


That's all! ... connie z

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It is always fun to meet that person that you have been watching and following for a while. I hope to meet Vic Wooten here soon, and from what I have heard and seen, it will be a grand experience.

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Originally posted by dhurstlmt:

I hope to meet Vic Wooten here soon, and from what I have heard and seen, it will be a

grand experience.

In no way do I intend to diss Victor Wooten here, but it may be wise not to get your hopes up too high (or however you say it in English). From what I heard and read (same as you probably) he is one of the nicest chaps around, but build up too much expectation and you're bound to be disappointed.


That said: OHMYGOD !!! You're gonna meet Victor Wooten??? I wanna hear EVERYTHING about it if and when it happens !!!!

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Suite. That rules. :)


Have you ever seen the Dream Band that plays at the Famous Door (or The Famous Door?? or something like that?). I don't know if they are still the house band there, but DAMN those guys are good. The bass player in that band is a great player. I'd suggest checking them out if you get a chance.

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Connie, I'm grateful for your experience, and I hope it happens again. Nothing inspires a player more than meeting and speaking with someone about where to take your career to and the possibilities out there.


Someday, someone out there will be as pleased to meet and talk to YOU about your craft, and you'll have the honor of being on the other side of the conversation. Yes, it can happen to you!


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