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I'm feeling all G.A.S.sy


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probably sounds awesome.. it's ugly as hell though if you ask me :)

"You look hopefully for an idea and then you're humble when you find it and you wish your skills were better. To have even a half-baked touch of creativity is an honor."

-- Ernie Stires, composer

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That came from the Entwistle auction. When I get a moment I'll find out what it sold for.


Correction: it's a reproduction of the one that sold at the auction. The original went for £15,000 at the auction (around $25,000). So I guess it's a bargain at the list price of $8650.


I spent many an hour poring over the catalog from the auction deciding on whether to mortgage the house and start bidding on various items.

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It will sell for less than $8650 but not to me...


I am impressed with the flame pattern - practically striped !!!


Alembic does some outstanding woodwork!




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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no doubt the woodwork is amazing. That don't mean its going to sound nice. From the grain of the wood I'd have to go with it having a harsher shound (normally the strings go with the grain), hence the warmer sounding pick ups (which could just offset eachother nicely)


If anyone gets one they should throw up a sound byte for us all to listent too.

Check out my work in progress.
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Nice hunk of wood!


I'd rather get the Buzzard style bass in that Carbon Fiber finish though. :D

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I know I've got that Entwhistle album somewhere with that type of bass on the cover with him. I love that bass. But it was when I saw Scott C. from Death playing it in the "Lack of Comprehension" video. I don't think it had the split headstock though. I used to have this huge infactuation with Alembic. I really wanted one. Then I woke up =).

Mike Bear




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