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Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby


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Has anyone else heard about this yet?




Apparently, its a musical collaboration between Quincy and a cast of other powerhouse musicians and Bill Cosby actually did some of the writing as well. The music was for the original Bill Cosby Show in 69 to 71.


My buddy has the original jam sessions. Soulful soulful, soulful and damn funky. Ray Brown and Carol Kaye are the bassists. :thu:

Together all sing their different songs in union - the Uni-verse.

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My highschool stage band used to play that one. My highschool band was terrible. It was more like "Icky Burr" or maybe "Icky Burp". I remember the song being pretty cool and funky. I haven't heard it in years. THere was another that we played,but I can't remember what the name was.
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As a horn player back in the Pleeastoned epic I think I played a few Quincy-arranged big band charts. I think.


He's another guy that got a roll in Seattle, got dissatisfied and left. He went to Berklee in Boston though - not England with Chas Chandler, or uh, Montana ; }


I think another one of my arranger heros of the time was pals with him: Henry Mancini.

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