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FYI: Samson MDR8 - 8 channel mixer for $55 at AMS


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Hey folks:


I just got one of these for $55 + $7 shipping. It's factory resealed (whatever that means...comes with the same warranty as new). It's normally about $230, so I thought I'd share this deal. They apparently have some left because it still says "in stock". I don't know how good it is, but for $55 I can live with less than perfect (unless that's the "totally stinks" less than perfect, in which case I'll simply return it). It has some built-in digital effects, but no idea how good or bad they are.


I've been using a Yamaha MD8 (which is a several year old all-in-one digital recorder) essentially as a mixer to pump electronic drums, tape deck, etc., through my bass rig (input into the effect returns, the bass goes straight into the rig the right way of course, through the tube preamp)...this setup works and sounds OK for the most part (for a home music room anyway), but the mixer section of the MD8 is the weakest link. To get sufficient output to drive the effect return on the power amp, I have to slightly overdrive the monitor outputs on the MD8 mixer section, and needless to say that doesn't sound "good". I believe this little multi-purpose mixer ought to do the trick quite well, plus it'll free up the MD8 to actually use as a recorder rather than a mixer.


Anyway, here's the link if anyone wants to snag one: http://www.americanmusical.com/item--i-SAM-MDR8-FRS.html




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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perhaps a PM or email would be a better way of getting this word out to BGO.


I'll let you do the honors :D

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