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Band: 3 Dicks and a Jane


Here are 2 originals from my current project.

Sorry to the banwidth challenged, we're all techies and have good connections, so we just left em as wave files.

Favorite Groupee



Let me know what you think. Any and all feedback. These are just the master tracks, not a hair of mixxing, so volumes swell and stuff but the tracks are there and ready for mastering.

Check out my work in progress.
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That's nice, but... you could use something like CDex to convert the wave files to MP3 files. It's $free. Also, the bandwidth coming out of your server is just too small for me, and I'm tracking it on a cable connection that's routed to two PC's, and has a 3 MB per second d/l limit.


Seriously, I'd check it out, but please consider converting the files to something more manageable. I'd suggest using a bitrate of 192 KB or higher when converting if you want to remain as faithful as possible to the original wave files' quality.

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