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P-Bass lovers, have at it ...


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Great basses and you are pratically guaranteed excellent build quality. Everyone I know who has owned one (including myself, an L2000) swears by the quality level G&L maintains.

You can stop now -jeremyc

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A local dealer has an L-100 hanging on the wall, it's actually new condition, old stock. It's finished in a dark transparent red, with white pick guard. Several months ago I asked about it and IIRC they quoted $750 w/ hard case.


Tempting, but I want the J pickup so I'll hang on until I can justify an SB-2 or that Conklin Rocco-what's his name thingy that I keep posting pictures of...


Of course, the Rocco doesn't appear to be in production yet, so I'll have to save more bones and drive 3 hours to discuss the matter with Mr Conklin personally.


Back to the point.


Nah, it's too late for that... someone else will have to bring me back to the topic. ;)

- Matt W.
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