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Michael Manring

Gord -B

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Originally posted by Gord -B:

I realised after reading this thread that i don't actually own anything by him. Which would be the best album to buy first?

Personally, I like the McGill/Manring/Stevens

"Addition by subtraction" CD. However, there are several others (including some with Michael Hedges) so...

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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I'd recommend just about anything with Michael on - my own faves are Thonk, Book Of Flame, both the Attention Deficit CDs, the duo record with David Cullen and his work with John Gorka and Patti Larkin, but there's loads of great stuff on Windham Hill too...


For the solo albums, I'd just get whichever ones you can find - they're all worth having, and pretty tricky to get hold of. I think there are a couple of them up on iTunes now...


he's got a new solo album finished which should be released any day now...






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I've been tring to find his work with SadHappy at a decent price for a long time now. The other electric bassist in Sadhappy at that time, Paul Hinklin, is well worth hearing too. One of the first guys I heard live other than Enwistle who could get a credible bass-IS-guitar rig thang goin'.
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Last time I was there those were long since gone. Maybe there has been a change (or not). Worth checking again. Thanks, man.


Skerik, whose been making a lot of waves as the Claypool sax guy (and in his own creative light) played on Depth Charge, which is one good reason for replacing the tape.

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