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What's a bassplayer's opinion worth?

jeremy c

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I got an unusual message on my machine the other day.


Some market research company said they were getting a group of bassplayers together to get their opinions about something or other.


They said they would pay $75 for participation.


I called them back and said, "wow, not even the other members of the band want to hear the bassplayer's opinion."


It's Thursday noon (9/16) in San Francisco.

pm me if you want the phone number.


I will not be there.

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Maybe it's legit?


We have a market research firm here at the local mall. Often, they just have you fill out surveys while you're shopping. They don't pay you.


However, they sometimes pay you for your time. Once I got 10 bucks for going to their office and tasting a few chips.


Another time (they really needed adult male opinion for their customer) I got paid $50 for spending about 45 minutes watching about 5 different ads this company was going to run on TV, ads about some casino opening up in the Bahamas or something. Watch a video, give an opinion which one was most likely to make me respond.


On the other hand, there are dozens of paid, high pressure "sales pitches" for everything from cars to timeshares in resorts. I've never fallen for one of those.


Best thing; find out if the company is trying to sell you something, or if they are indeed a "Market Research" company that is legit. You might make some dough!

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That could be interesting. I would do it.


I'm just thinking about the questions:


Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being disagreement, 5 being complete agreement.


1. Seeing the Fender logo instead of SWR on amps would make you more likely to buy them.

2. Seeing smaller/no logos on speaker cabinets would make you more likely to buy them.

3. Having a famous heavy metal player like Geezer endorse equipment would make you more likely to buy them. (dcr - we know your answer)

4. Having a famous jazz player like Eddie Gomez would make you more likely to buy them.

5. Having Steve Rabe come to your first gig to set the sound would make you more likely to buy the magic box that he is now developing - regardless of what the box is supposed to do.

6. If Peavey EXPANDED the number of amp and instrument lines they sell, it would help you clarify which product to buy.

7. Multi-effects units should come with wireless laptop programming interfaces (Zeronyne - just for you).

8. Multi-effect units should have smaller screens with fewer programming buttons.

9. The large retail music chains always have knowledgeable, helpful employees

10. Including a one year free setups guarantee would make you more likely to buy basses from chain music stores.


I'm sure you've all got some more creative ideas.



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I got that call, too. When I called back to ask what it was about, the rep said all the spots were filled. The best she could tell me was that it's a round table discussion concerning "music media," and that they got the list of names based on something we had bought or subscribed to.
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Originally posted by jeremyc:

It is a market research company.


So there still is time for bay area bassists to get it on it.


I just don't have time.

If only I lived in LA I could have gotten a paid bass gig, by recommendation of JeremyC -- would've looked great on the CV! :D
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