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Need advice on potential ebay project bass


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It's a Cort GB35 5-string. I LOVE the wide neck and the body shape. Not really concerned about the etronics- I expect to have to replace the pups immediately, and maybe even buy/rout for a string-thru-body bridge to improve a weak B.


What I want to know from any of you who own this bass or have even played one is how you think it would do as a project instrument. I need input on the body and neck specifically- how's the fretwork, durability, etc.? Think of it as you would think of buying a neck, body, bridge and tuners. Yea, or nay? Thanks in advance.

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The bridge looks pretty massive to me. The pups and preamp could easily b ereplaced with any number (I'd use Barts) of 3rd party stuff.


If you like the look and feel, go for it. $250 + $350 for some electronics and you've got a pretty nice $600 bass.

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