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Semi-OT: Last weekend at the Sonora Celtic Faire


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'Lo & behold! I had the weekend off for once. Actually there was a Company Picnic on Saturday and yea, it was a tough decision. Lets see

Spend the day at a Lake with peeps I work with every day and see peeps from the other 2 offices that I rarely or never see, or

Spend the day drinking Guinness, wandering around the Faire, watch the Jousting and listen to music.


longest 5 second decision I ever made :D


Ok, the faire had its typical fainfare. Lots of cool booths with tons of goodies. I could easily spend waaay more than I can afford. Thankfully none can accept Visa :) Most of the swords & daggers and stuff is basically only good for decoration but there was one booth with some damn good quality stuff. pricey too.


Was fun to see all the different peoples costumes. women that I would normally glance at once got second and third looks or more :cool: One such lady, and I kid you not, had a pint sized pewter mug nestled in her breasts. for some reason that made me thirsty :D


The jousting was tres cool but I wanted to see some armored sucker take a lance and get knocked on his ass. yea, I'm a bit bloodthirsty that way but it didn't happen.


On to the music. I was mostly interested in Wicked Tinkers and Tempest. Wolfstone and the Black Irish Band played also but was at times when I was involved elsewhere. Was a bit hot too and even with the mist sprayers on the outskirts of the show area, I was baking. Bad day to wear my black Wicked Tinker t-shirt.


Wicked Tinkers put on a great show like always. If any has seen them play, well you know how they like to go out and play amongst the audience. There was one lady who had the audacity of talking on her cell phone in the grass area in front of the stage while they were playing. That most definatly did not go well with Aaron, Keith, Warren and Wayne. Almost felt sorry for her. Almost. Dingy broad.


Tempest (my favorite) put on a KICKASS show like always. Was happy to see that Michael Mullen is back in the band with his great stage presence and increadible fiddle playing. They are on tour with their new Bassist, Ariane Cap and her Marleaux 6-String Bass . Ohh yea! Lots of lowdown goodness there :thu: Whoot!!! I gotta say, that 6-string sure made some of their old songs come alive.


I bought their latest CD. a 3 disc compilation of Studio, Radio, and Live performances. I had Tempest sign my CD's, the first one being Ariane (like who else but the Bassist?). Got all of Tempest to sign except the Drummer Adolfo. You know, one would think that a drummer, the one that keeps the beat and timing going, would actually be on time to a signing? lol! no biggie really. Got his john hancock on Shapeshifter.


OK. enough babbling. If you cant figure out that I had a great time, well I can't help you there :)

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