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Christian McBride is angry...


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Originally posted by Dr. Sweet Willie:

I'm too far from the industry proper to really know how things work, but that's definitely upsetting.

It's completely full of back-stabbing, money/power hungry bastards. Trust no one. Get a good lawyer to look at everything that you sign; prior to doing the signing bit.


Somewhere in there, fun is to be had making music.

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gotta hand it to Christian for being so open, going on a limb- there must be a dozen stories like this daily in this rotten business-

Praise ye the LORD.

....praise him with stringed instruments and organs...

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

excerpt from- Psalm 150

visit me at:


for His glory

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Thanks for the link, Ben!


The 'music business' hasn't been about 'Music' in a very long time now...


It's good to see someone like CMB take up the issue on behalf of music.


...tho' I don't see much changing in the near future, it's nice to see someone taking the point.




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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So many greedy bastards want to bask in the glory, huh? They wanna make all the money and all those who don't care about money, just music, get thrown under the bus.

F^#& that, man.

I think every band should break away from the company, get their own label, website, and sell albums via the internet with free shipping.

Or sell downloads. Anything to get away from these fat, money-grubbing, s!%^-for-brains execs.

Hasn't something like this already started to happen? It won't be long before artists are completely free from any kind of BS like that.

I know you kind of need the big labels for marketing and exposure, etc etc but the internet is a powerful tool, man.

I've seen websites where there are lots of bands, and they are rated by those who listen to their stuff. And you can buy their albums. Get the bios. All that good stuff. We just need to get the listening public un-brainwashed.They watch too much MTV, and listen to too much radio.

The whole damn thing is run by people who aren't even musicians. Can someone please tell me how the hell that works? You just end up with a bunch of schmaltz. Crap. Baloney.

I haven't bought a new CD in years, man. I DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING!!! HAAAA!

There's my middle finger to the record companies.

-End Of Rant-


"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


Band site: www.finespunmusic.com

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Originally posted by davebassman:

Does Polygram own MCA?

Polygram no longer exists. It and all its labels became part of Universal some years ago. Universal owns MCA.


For those who aren't aware, Sony and BMG have recently merged as well. What was one the big 6 major labels is now the big 4. Lots of lost jobs and reduced artist rosters. All because big record companies don't want to change the way they do business, or deal with making a little LESS money.

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