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Firefighter's prayer


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I think this prayer is appropriate for today:




When I'm called to duty God

wherever flames may rage

give me strength to save a life

whatever be its age


Help me to embrace a little child

before it is too late

or save an older person from

the horror of that fate


Enable me to be alert

to hear the weakest shout

and quickly and efficiently

to put the fire out


I want to fill my calling and

to give the best in me

to guard my neighbor and

protect his property


And if according to your will

I have to lose my life

bless with your protecting hand

my children and my wife.


Peace out!



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Jimbo, thank you. From a fellow man's point of view, 911 moved me personally to take stock in the value of life and the promise of happiness here on earth if we all realize it isn't a hard dream to achieve. As a firefighter on duty the day of 911, watching events unfold, I knew the collapse of the buildings meant certain deaths for hundreds of firemen, being all to familiar with high rise procedures. In the days following, I and many of my Chicago brothers made our way to New York to lend a hand. My way of helping was to stand in dress uniform at funerals ( at least 2 in the morning) and wakes/memorials (at least 2 at night). I expected to find a city caught up in grief, anger and hatred over the senseless and cowardly attacks, but what I did find was truly surprising. For the week I was there, that dream I mentioned earlier was a reality. The respect, gratitude and above all kindness everyone seemed to be showing one another is what made me realize we could never be far from that dream. It's unfortunate it took the lives of over 3,000 innocent people to understand and I hold that lesson close to my heart everyday. The firefighter's prayer is something we all silently say if not in so many words, but the same sentiment when faced with danger. Thank you for remembering the firefighters who gave their lives so valiantly, but also remember those who bravely faced the day if only to simply provide for their families. God bless America and peace be with you all.
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I like your new avatar, Jimbo. And the prayer.


I watched the smoke rise out of building one from a pair of binoculars out of a Newark office building. Didn't look outside when the towers fell but I caught the 2nd tower come down live on CNN as it happened. I don't think I need to say more except that I had to go home from work after watching that.


That was worth posting, Jimbo! :thu:

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Thanks for the prayer!


We were lucky - my brother (Lt. in NYC) was on duty in Coney Island that day. He finally made it to Manhattan about 6:30 that night, when they were still searching for survivors. He and his team were assigned to an adjoining hotel to search. With no power/lights/etc., it was a tough night. The following days were hard, but not as bad. He went to 43 funerals of fellow firefighters that he knew.


He wasn't himself for quite a while.




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That prayer is framed and on our wall in both homes. There are times when my wife goes out on a fire in the middle of the night and I won't sleep. The danger is just to real.


My wife, son and I were at ground zero for the 1 year anniversary. By then it just looked like a construction site but it was hard to stand there without being moved. As we walked along the memorial on the church fence across the street from the site and saw all the sentiments from around the world I was overwhelmed and found myself weeping for the loss of life.


Nothing but respect for any and all the firefighters that that were lost and those who still remain in FDNY.

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