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Craig is great, but musicplayer.com pissed me off today

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we all know that Craig's articles on- well, on any subject- are really great. he has a way of writing that makes it seem like he's talking to [i]you[/i]. i had bookmarked a great [url=http://www.musicianstechcentral.com/anderton.html]Anderton Articles Links site[/url] and i use it a lot. in fact, i just re-read a cool mixing article there two days ago. THEY ARE NOW GONE. the alesis, EQ, & Kegboard mag ones are still up, but mp took theirs down. i'm hoping they've been moved, so i'll keep looking. the links site has the very obvious warning that "some of the ones here could disappear at any time", and i know that i have only myself to blame for not saving them while i had the chance, but i don't like blaming myself. ;) :D :rolleyes: i'm downloading the remaining ones right now. thanks for rocking, Craig. you still rock too, musicplayer.com, just not so hard.
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