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Hybrid Upright / Standup bass


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I don't know what you call it but don't they make "upright" basses that are "thin" and don't contain a huge box like a real upright? I am talking to players around here about starting a band. I play a lot of alt-country, Americana, even bluegrassy stuff and the upright slap is pretty cool. But hauling one of those big suckers around would really be a pain. Any ideas? Are these decent sound? Are they rare to find someone using them instead of a real upright?

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I own a Messenger Electric Upright:




I played it in a swing band for a couple years...strung it with gut strings and did the rockabilly slap thing with it sometimes. It worked. It's a good sounding instrument with a very nice arco sound...considering it's electric.


Then there's the Eminence Electric Upright:




Our moderator, Bob Gollihur sells this bass. I played one at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, CA and it was very nice.

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I play an Azola Bug Bass . In the electric upright world, it's at the low end of the price spectrum. However, for me that meant about $1,500+ about 5 years ago. You can check out the full Azola website here .


This is a bass that's very similar to the one I own. It's pretty bare bones. It only has a volume knob, and no tone controls whatsoever. Get accustomed to using the volume knob though, since this bass has one heck of a loud output.




It's a decent bass. It's definitely been a great platform to learn the upright on, and it takes up a lot less room than an acoustic upright. It's definitely much better suited to pizzicato playing, but I've managed to get a decent enough arco sound to actually record with it.

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Hey LiveMusic - nice to see you!


As you can see, lots of solid suggestions here. Call Bob G if you need to discuss this in more detail - great guy!




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