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Remember when I was looking for a combo...Epifani UL112?


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While I have no experience with that amp, I have played through a number of Epifani cabs with different amps. I always found them to be full and rich, very musical.

That is a good looking combo, I am curious about price.

Thanks for the link!






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I believe I saw $1,999. I don't know if that is list or selling.
Great Honk!! 2 grand? :confused:


My tail was waggin' for a minute there - now it's between my legs.

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Probably a tasty combo. I've played thru Epi speakers and, as wraub said, they're very musical. I haven't heard yet from anyone who has played thru the Epifani amps.


Let it be, man. Stay the course. Throw the credit cards and checkbook into a river... ;)






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A little update:


I emailed Bass NW to see what they had to say. I told them about my current set up (SWR Bass 350/Bergantino HT112) and though they hadn't yet heard the combo, they said they do deal Epifani cabs.


They suggested I keep what I have. They really like Bergantino I guess. I'm staying the course. I may build a 5 string instead. :D

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Bergantino is working on combos as well. I just don't see what the advantage this (or the Epi) over what you have.


Build a bass? Great idea. Not a ton of money, and it will take you a while. Busy hands make bigger bank accounts. Then you can take the new wife on a nice vacation!




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Yeah, I'm sticking with the Bass 350/Bergantino set up. Iemailed BassNW and asked their thoughts on what I have compared to the Epifani combo. They didn't have one in th estore yet, but the gist of their response to me was keep what you have. It's a great rig.


Th efiance is going to let me build one more bass, but sh ereally wants a honeymoon. She has a much better grasp on reality when it comes to money. Good thing someone in this family-to-be does. :D

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