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I bought a PODxt... should I sell my amp?


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I just bought a PODxt today and the thing sounds amazing plugged directly through my board into my headphone amp. It sounds so good that I am wondering if I need a bass amp at all. Before I present the question, let me give you a little background.


I played bass in bands throughout my teens, but gave it up when the reality of school and work forced me to quit... that was 20 years ago. Recently, my 12 year old daughter started to play the bass and formed her own all girl band...they're pretty fun to watch for this proud dad. It was enough to motivate me to get some gear and start playing with old friends. Being what anyone light on talent with a fat wallet would do, I went out and bought the "best" gear I thought I would ever want. Having played for the past 2 months with friends, we have taken to recording and playing almost exclusively through headphones. Our intent is to get tight enough to play in some of the local clubs.


That takes me back to the PODxt. We really have a nice sound through my mixer and into my headphone amp and I wonder if that would translate well through a direct patch to a PA. If that's the case, maybe I should sell the Hartke 7000 head, 2.5xl and 115xl cabs and invest in decent PA components to go with my mixer.


Any advice on the idea of plugging the PODxt directly into the PA and dumping my amp for PA upgrades would be appreciated.


Thanks for tolerating this novice question and for your thoughtful responses.

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I say keep the amp around. There are going to be gigs where you/they may not have a decent P.A. or a decent monitor setup. In those cases nothing beats an amp. Also you might enjoy feeding the outputs of the POD back to an amp and mic'ing that. I've got a POD and a bunch of amps and as much as I like the POD in certain instances I still end up going back to amps for the majority of my work.

Rob Hoffman


Los Angeles, CA

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Keep the amp. I was in a situation like yours a while back. I did this:


Pod Pro into effects loop of my SWR Bass 350 head into my 4X10 cab.


I ran the effects loop full "wet" to bypass the SWR preamp. Everyone loved it. And if I needed a "backup" preamp or the Pod went flaky on me, I had the SWR to use. One sound guy said it was the bets rig he had heard in a long time.

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