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Semi OT: Radio Keneally


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Hey everyone:


If you're a Keneally fan, you already know about this.


This is Mike Keneally:




He's got a new internet radio station that streams his music non-stop, 24 hours a day.


Why is this cool, and not boring? Because he's written so much stuff in so many different styles that listening to his music is like listening to 12 different guys. If you've even been mildly curious about this guy, go to this station now.


It's so cool!!! :D


Visit http://www.radiokeneally.com/ and listen!


For more info on Mike Keneally, go to http://keneally.com/mkataglance.html

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Beer for Dolphins - good stuff.


Saw Mike play with Zappa many years ago. Saw him Play with Steve Vai in NYC back in 1997. Saw him two years ago with a Zappa tribute band : Project Object.


He's a really good keyboardist as well.

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Ah yes, Radio Keneally is in fact the shiznit.


Mike is an incredible musician and a very, very fine human being.


I often listen to this stream when I'm at work. Excellent way to spend a day at the office.

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