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I got my free copy of Musicology tonight...


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...and dear sweet jesus, it was an experience of biblical proportions. I can't even begin to devote the time right now to how funky my evening was with Prince. Damn. Damn damn. The show was incredible, the notes were funkified, and the Purple One was layin it down old school style. I'm seriously considering buying tickets from a scalper and going again tomorrow night.


The only person I've seen put on a better show was James Brown.


-True Funk Soldier

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If you want a single ticket, try Ticketmaster online before you resign yourself to a scalper (use the "print the ticket yourself" option). I saw the 7/20 Madison Square Garden show and bought a great single ticket the day before. I sat 10 rows back, about 4 rows up from the floor. That performance kicked my ass so hard that it still hurts. If I had been in NYC the following night, I probably would have dropped another $90 to see that show. That 3rd MSG show included surprise opening act The Time ( :eek: ) and Sheila E sitting in with Prince for a bit, though Prince's set was 20-30 minutes shorter than the show I saw.

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