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Used uprights?

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Well, true BenLoy, but strokes of luck do happen. My teacher has two, own of which he found for 400 bucks in '95 or so. It is the one that plays gigs with and records with. It is a Kay from before the '70s I believe. But, yes, the quality of uprights correlates more to price than I'd say electric basses do. My Jackson C20 (220 bucks) will outplay an American Fender if I have anything to say about it.
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You know, I spoke to our own Bob G. here about the uprights he deals in and I saving up for a laminated lefty upright after talking to him about it or the carved one on his site. Their is also used ones there I think.




Now, is it spam if I'm putting up and not him? I don't think it would be spam in any event, as he is one of our own, and a signifcant participant at that :D

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