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try your local music store. It saves you the trouble of digging up students, has an automatic clientelle and even though you'll be paid less than you can charge yourself, you have to start somewhere. After a while you can move up to private practice if you want. Also as a bass teacher you can get gigs.
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Until I started teaching full time, I always had a few students. But tht was the problem. Just a few students. Working at a store is a bit better than losing time driving around when you can be teaching one after another, and condensing your day some. Not to make it sound like a factory at all. Like stated above, once you get a certain reputation as a player or teacher you can charge quite a bit. Like the guy who charges me $140/hr for vocal lessons. But he's very worth it.

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Originally posted by youarenotaslave:

i need to advice as to how to go about it.

Can you be more specific?


For example, do you need to know about how to get students?


Or, do you need to know about what kinds of things to teach or what materials to use?




If you've got a ton of questions, you might not be ready to teach (as Jeremy suggested). If you're fitting a couple of small pieces into a plan you've already gotten together, then we may be able to help with those pieces.


When looking for a guitar teacher for my daughter it was important to me that her teacher have a degree in music, and if not, lots of experience. When looking for a bass teacher for myself a couple of years ago, a music degree and experience were important, and it helped that the teacher I chose was affiliated with a local music school. So from a client perspective, those are a couple of things I'd be looking into if I were considering you as a teacher for me or my children.






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