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by no means do i think finding a cure for diabetes is a bad thing, in fact i would go to that benefit if i could ( i sorta live pretty far away ). However, like cancer, diabetes is a business. billions of dollars go through on the drugs, ancilliaries and donations made by just an event as the one you are so generously participating in. The profit to the drug companies (that, if they found a cure, that profit would dry up) is astounding. I'm sure my fellow forumites are smart enough to see that, and also that profit is more important than cure (to those that have the power to do so).


My personal belief is to find the cure. How many people have their lives cut short because of such things? Its horrible.


Its a sad world we live in today.... :(


my mother and late father both are (were) type one, and my late aunt required dialisis. This disease has touched my life too.


you ROCK dude to keep it going and to take part in these events.


And in response to the post in general, I activly seek out benefit concerts in my area. The last one we played at was for the family of a man who died in a fire in a local town. To share my love of music and help somebody at the same time is like 2 birds with one stone :)

Check out my work in progress.
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Fred - I fixed the date in your original post - you can do that too !!!


I have some relatives who have developed diabetes as children, and I've worked with diabetics as well.


Hope the gig goes well.


Matt - many here play in church. Some are paid ("the laborer is worth their wage"), but many are not. I myself have the most outrageous church gig. I can show up for any service and play - no rehearsal. Usually I'm with the music director, who plays piano. Sometimes we get a guitar or other instruments (depending on which Mass it is). It's been great for me....




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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