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First gig last night


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Oh man! What a great feeling. We had a gig last night at the Highland Village Balloon Festival. There were maybe 50 hot air balloons, skydivers, rides, free Starbucks, and tons of other stuff there that night. 4 bands played, and we were the very first one up on stage.


We got this gig because the man running sound is my next door neighbor, and he is in one of the bands that played there last night. He offered to us a 45 minute gig and we accepted.


We were on the stage at 5, but we got there at 4 to make sure everything was cool. When we started playing, nothing important was going on, so there were only maybe 30 people at the stage. By the end of our set there were 300. By the time the ballons went up, there were 3,000. It was a hell of a lot of fun. We're booked for next year, this Wednesday, and in 2 weeks. What a blast!


Here\'s a photo album of our set. Check out my brother play that SG with his teeth! That was during Hey Joe by Hendrix.


When we got down, a band from Austin started playing some crappy music that had the girl singing make sheep sounds. About 5 people came up to us when they got on and asked us to get off.


We did 9 songs and an encore. We were asked for a 2nd encore but we had to get off the stage for the next band.


That Energizer Bunny is the largest balloon in the world. Bigger than the Statue of Liberty!


The set list is at the bottom of the page. If you need help decoding lemme know. :)


What fun! :wave:

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Hey guys,thanks for the comments! I have about 50 more pictures then the ones I uploaded. We also got a crappy recording I'm trying to fix up for playing on the net.


Germain- I'm eventaully going to take a pic of my rig to put as my avatar. I had this pic of my Orville laying around with the Cyber-Twin, so shrunk it and put it up. Rig to come soon!


Quinn- thanks for the comment! The inlays and the finish are what sold me. The binding was a nicely added touch though to. Its an '89 Fender Jazz Bass '75 reissue. Weird huh? I picked it up on ebay for 5 bills. It's my main bass s of now.


Thanks again :)

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