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African men are definately 'Lowdowners'!


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Someone once told me that Jennifer Lopez is a Lowdowner! :D I wondered whether she played bass only to realise what this guy meant was the 'bottom end' which we bassists symbolise. :D


Well I can tell you that if Jenny was down here, she'd be a 'boutique bass' or one of those 'starter basses' coz man, what we have down here is Sadowsky's, Fedora's and other high end basses!! :eek::D Wish I could send you some snaps. Unbelievable!

Don't you just love the Lowend? :D;)

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And what do african men have to do with your comment?
Well, as someone said earlier, 'it's all about the bottom end'. :D Over here, it ain't just about ANY bottom end, here it's all about massive subwoofers.....in other words, Jenny from the block would be just a 12 inch woofer if she came here. The men here really 'know' the meaning of the bottom end, when it comes to females!! :D


Apparently, it shows a woman is very 'fertile' and can populate the earth which is very important in these parts.

I'm not sure there's scientific proof on this but then again, there might be!! ;)

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