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Reverend bites the dust!

jeremy c

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This just in from Reverend Musical Instruments:


HOT NEWS FROM REVEREND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS __________________________________________



We will be discontinuing all bass models shortly. Unfortunately, bass sales volume is not large enough to support marketing and production of basses. Service and repair of basses will continue. LAST DAY TO ORDER A BASS IS THURSDAY, SEPT. 30, 2004 by 5PM EST.


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Interesting. The implication is that they are selling enough guitars to continue... Hmmm


A bit of market tightening? It's unclear where the parts are made (and I didn't see if they are assembled in the US or not).




Acoustic Color


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Yee haw! I mean, dammit! I'm just glad I was able to get mine when I did. Aged yellow Rumblefish 5L with maple fingerboard. I love it to death.


As long as the company doesn't completely bite the dust I'll be happy. I still need more George L cables, a Reverend T-shirt or two, and they are the best source I've found for strings that fit my bass. Plus I want a guitar from them one of these days.


Long live Reverend, even if they don't do basses anymore. Simply put, they are a great American company!

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