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My African update!


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Hey people. I went to an Irish Pub called Kelly's last night where some mates of mine play Jazz and Reggae every Tuesday.

Just dropped off another friend (superb female singer) at another Irish Pub called O'Reilly's (don't ask...I'm not sure how many Irish live here :D )


My mate was playing an old Hohner BV 2 (headless 5er) which is about 12 years or so!! Many 'white' or expartriate pubs over here which has helped in the creation of many bands playing the Blues and Jazz. If the country remains politically stable, I'm sure musicianship (which is severly lacking over here) will improve.


Remember I told you about my Smooth Jazz/Solo Bass project? Well, I'm talking to a new hotel chain about sponsoring the studio production of the album specially for their hotels all over East Africa!!! The only problem is, I may have to have the bass solos played by a guitarist... :mad: as Steve Lawson's and co of this world are non existent over here.

Fingers crossed.....I may need some of you on this project! ;)


That's it for now, till the next time.

One Love :)

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We irish are a sturdy lot, we can drink and preach at the same time, usually one follows the other :D

Glad you're enjoying your self ya little bollocks.


"i must've wrote 30 songs the first weekend i met my true love ... then she died and i got stuck with this b****" - Father of the Pride
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It's nice to see you're able to post semi-frequently again. That hotel thing sounds like a pretty good gig, people might start to like hotel music. If I ever make it to Africa, I would love to hook up with some percussionists.
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I'm currently looking for work in the South African platnum mines,FWIW...sure it is 3000km from you TSBRs but at least it is the same continent ;)
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