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JDubbleyoo - I have a question for you


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You said you use an SWR WM10 or WM12 with your upright. Do you use any other preamp? Most people tell me you should use one made to handle the transducer- type pickups used for upright bass. I have a K&K Bass Max I am using right now with an Avalon U5 and I am trying a Fishman Platinum Pro that I like as well. I run it through a Stewart World 1.2 into a Bergantino HT112.


Thanks for any insight. Jeremy says you are a busy player out there so I appreciate your time.



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I've always gone right from the transducer into the amp. I'm sure I'm ignorant about the new innovations in string bass amplification, maybe to a fault, but my priorities have lain elsewhere. One time at a jazz festival, I had the unenviable task of following the great Ray Brown. I had just taken in his AWESOME performance--great groove, wonderful warm, full "hi-fi" sound, both pizz and arco. He told me, "Son, you're welcome to use my amp", and I gratefully accepted his offer, although with some trepidation because I was sure he was getting this wonderful sound with an amp that I would not be able to figure out in the short time alloted for band changeover. I carried my bass out and searched out his amp amongst the rest of the backline and it was the same Polytone Mini-Brute that I used exclusively at the time. Ray's not the only one I've seen with pretty basic gear--I've seen Ron Carter, Dave Holland, Buster Williams and many others get the warm booty out of pretty pedestrian (altho' they did more than great walking) amplification. All to say that, while not disparaging the search for great sound reinforcement--admittedly I could probably benefit from more knowledge in this area, my priorities lie in the playing, in musical awareness, more than in gear at this moment in my development.


All the best in your journey.



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