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HEY!! Greetings from Africa!


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I cannot put it in words how much I've missed you all!! :cry: Today is the first time since I arrived that I've been anywhere near the net.


I had such a long journey (going through Dubai...never AGAIN!!). Thank God my bass was allowed on the flights (stewards and 'stewardesses' love musicians...the check in staff is a different story, wanting you to check in your axe!! :eek: )


Anyway. I've been in the studio a lot writing and producing....AND REPRESENTING by laying down some immense basslines. I'm doing my best to record and send you some MEAN basslines by some African bassists. They are simply superb these basslines of the Afro beat.


It's damn :eek: hot! Many areas are experiencing drought. It's trying to rain but it ain't enough yet. I'm gonna try my best to post as often as I can, let you know what's happening.


My Bass player magazine has been mailed to me today, can't wait. :D Stay safe, I love you all....till the next time. :)

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Welcome back...looking forward to hearing about your journey and life in Africa....


You must tell us about the types of gear you have available over there and all the great players..


I cannot think of a better way of using post

# 1000 than to welcome you back....



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You are missed by all :cry:


good to hear from you though! the LDLD has become like a family to me and this is like reuniting on Oprah! haha!


until next time, stay safe Roots!

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Prepare to don Nomex!"

-social critic

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It is so sad and lonely here without your posts and threads. I am glad, though, that you are doing something you love. Very cool. Have fun and visit us as often as you can. Keep the updates comin'. :thu:

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Welcome back! Looking forward to your thread topics-you know, the fun ones!

It sounds as if you had quite the adventure getting there.



Peace to you,




I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Hi TSBR!!!


Welcome back!


It always amazes me, how tiny this planet became, once the Internet was introduced.


You were in England, now you are in Africa. And we can still all chat as though we were right next door!


Very cool. :cool:


Glad you are back with us. :thu:


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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Hey man its nice to have you back if a little sparodically, i think you should get a note book and write down all your ideas for posts, and then just flood the board with them (well not flood).

All the best ya lucky bugger, Nic

"i must've wrote 30 songs the first weekend i met my true love ... then she died and i got stuck with this b****" - Father of the Pride
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Yes my good people, great to hear from you. :) I'm in Uganda for those who didn't know. I'm rushing off to the Musicians Club where local musicians meet every Monday for a Jam session. I'll post and let you know more about my trip back plus some GOOD NEWS about an upcoming project. :thu:


You must tell us about the types of gear you have available over there and all the great players..
P57 Bass, you must be joking about the gear :D . Nothing to write about, absolutely!! As for bass players, well, I'll give you a feedback soon.


I miss you all. Jah blessings everytime. Btw, it rained cats and dogs yesterday. It' so hot now!!

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