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Louisiana Low Downers


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Sorry if cross posting is a big no no, but the other forum suggested I try here as well since I do play bass.


A little bout me by way of introduction.

I've played guitar since I was around 8 or 9 yrs old. I put it down for several years to go to college and get a real job :bor: doing web development (programming) and tech support. I picked my guitar back up again this year and started playing bass as well. I've been giving it a lot of hard core energy. I play pretty much anything, but Jazz is my heart, and funk/r&b is my soul, I also like to bang around on the drums (mainly funky lines for fun).


Just curious as to how hard it was for ya'all to get gigs in the beginning, or hell even now. I've been playing for myself for years and years, and am just this year getting the confidence to step out there. I'm in a band, but the rest of the band is not confident enough to gig quite yet, so I'm gonna *takes deep breath* step out on my own. Any tips, hints, advice, etc you can give me about how to go about procurring a gig is welcomed. I'm really seriously green about this stuff. Like I don't even know where to go to find out who's looking. Thanks ya'all. I'm from New Orleans. Worst comes to worst, I'll just pick a corner in the quarter and start playing. Hopefully Jackie Clarkson won't sic the cops on me.


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Oh my Gawd Dawlin! I am a female web-designing bass player from Nu Awlins too!


Welcome to the LowDown!


I would be very happy to hook up anytime over Cafe' Au Lait and talk bass and bands!


Visit my site to get info on the band I used to be in. We were just a garage band, who mustered up the courage to hit The Neutral Ground, and Borders and places like that. It was a blast and I learned a TON. Now I am starting my own oldies show band.


Feel free to email me anytime.


You're gonna love it here! :thu:


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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it isn't louisiana, but i do live in the dirty south. i'm about three hours up I-59 in meridian, MS. so i don't know much about where to play in your parts, but i can certainly sympathize about starting a band. even in a big city it can be difficult. that you're a bass player, and that you're female should help you get a gig. post flyers at music stores and search the newspaper and the internet. you should be able to find something fairly quickly.


don't forget to invite my wife and me to your first gig.



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Thanks again for the responses. I cross-posted about this and sorta forgot where I put everything :rolleyes: At any rate, I've talked with my band members, and told them I'm planning doing open mics on my own until they get where their confident enough to try to gig. In the meantime, instead of doing covers, we'll be trying to blend our own respective tastes in music into something original at rehearsal. We're all burnt out on the covers. Me especially. I'm kind of concerened about doing "acoustic" open mics because from what I've heard at the ones I've checked out, they tend to stay pretty much in the area of folk and americana. I like that type of music just fine, but I don't play a lot of it, and certainly wouldn't want to be tied into that particular style. There's also a Blues Jam at Checkpoint Charlie's every week, but I'm kind of scared to get into that. Ah well, all in the name of exposure right? Thanks ya'all for letting me bounce these thoughts of someone who's been there.
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