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Squire MB4


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Ok, I bought this skull and crossbones MB4 bass because I could afford it and I thought it looked cool. Now after playing it for a little while and the "Gee, this sounds better than my old hondo" novelty has worn off, I think this thing needs some work or it needs to be hung up to decorate my room.


The strings buzz in the bridge, it buzzes when I am not touching a string, it sounds muddy as hell, and I cant make a good sounding slap on it to save my life.


Is this thing worth trying to put some money into, and if so, how much would it cost me to make it halfway decent to play?



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The crossbones... my guitarist's stalker from school got that bass... *shivers*...


I just hope in a few months you're not gonna be yelling at yourself for that one. With Squiers (sp?) you want to search and search and search until you find a good one. It'll be worth the wait and search.


Some guy's site has a DIY guide to setups. Link please?


I'm putting over 200 bucks into my Stingray copy (cost about 200 bucks normal). To me, it's worth it. It all depends on you.


I'd probably buy a different bass, myself, but that's because I strongly dislike the crossbones.


Sorry for being too judgemental...

In Skynyrd We Trust
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