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Anybody Familiar with E-mu's 8725 Digital Recording Card?

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Saw this item in musician's friend catalog: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ex/shop?pid=242503&sourceid=00143608574269443205 Sounds like a nice card. I am building another Window box (no flames or OS bigotry please :) ) as a straight-up DAW/AV machine only. This sounds kinda nice for the price. Any caveats or info would be greatly appreciated! RobT



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Caveat. It operates at 48K only, digitally. Any 44.1 recording/playback has on-the-fly sample rate conversion to/from the internal 48K only chip (EMU 101K). Bottom line. At 48K it's fine. At 44.1K it sounds grainy. Regards, Brian T
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