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Take a look at this Sadowsky


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that's Jeff Rader's bass. He has some gorgeous basses including an amazing Nordstrand and a spalted Maple Sadowsky to die for. That is the first ever Buckeye Sadowsky, and I cannot begin to imagine what it cost ! but it is beautiful !!!

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dcr, that is just wrong. To each his own.


57pbass, I would be afraid that the color and design of the bass would take away from my striking good looks. However, if someone were giving it away........ ;)

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Originally posted by wraub:

Originally posted by dcr:



I wonder if Harry Shearer was the previous owner? ;)

That is rather cool. I would like one. But that Omega cut is too much. It ruins the subtlety of the instrument.

Perfect for Mr. Smalls, though.





I'm just trying to imagine the amount of songs you'd have to write that involved switching from 4 to eight strings to justify killing your roadie with that thing PLUS CASE. Better yet, let the keyboard tech do it...he'll think it's a digital piano.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Is there something wrong with me because i actually don'y like this bass? i think i might be ill or something but i just ain't geting any GAS off this at all. Right enough im not saying i would throw it back in their faces if someone gave it to me but from what i've read that does'nt seem that likley


Much Love :thu:


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Originally posted by Phoney McRing Ring:

Is there something wrong with me because i actually don't like this bass?

Dig -- not everyone likes a nice piece o' spalt for a top on a bass. I'm assuming you're writing about the Sadowsky and not the crazy Alembic, which doesn't turn me on. My shoulder hurts from just looking at it!


I actually like this one, but usually spalt ain't my cup of tea either.






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