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nice little gift for myself

Kooky Mogessi

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Since I've been working so much lately and my last paycheck had 71 hours on it (not shabby for a 17 year old) i decided to splurge and finally buy an acoustic bass. After lookin around at a few places i found this...




Got it for 50% off too :D


I love new things

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August doesn't have any regular holidays around here so I like to celebrate Self Day, where I give me presents to commemorate the generous spirit of giving that I exemplify.


Which reminds me, time to start my Self Day shopping. Self Day always comes sooner than you expect, so I want to get a headstart on it.


Click click eBay -> Musical Instruments clickety click. :)

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Originally posted by forceman:

I pinged the dude to find out why he wouldn't ship but got no response.

SHIPPING: Because of size and weight, this rig is for PICK-UP ONLY. I will NOT ship.
I think maybe thats why he wont ship there. I don't think he'll respond to you. ;)
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Tomorrow is Bolivia's independence day. Unbeknownst to you that is what you are celebrating. Viva La Patria!!!! :thu::thu:

Cool bass

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