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GAS got the better of me

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The GAS pains got the better of me yesterday. They were so unbearable when I saw the price was under $1300 for this $2700 beauty. I had the money in the bank and now I don't. It comes at the right time as I have found a new band and will need the added range. She fits right in next to the Stingray.


To keep you updated, I have them running through a SansAmp DI into a Peavey Kosmos through a Peavey GPS 900 into my Avatar 2x12. The sound is massive and the tone is superb. It sounds like an SVT on 'roids.


Of course, there is a downside to this story. I have to go to El Paso for 4 weeks for work and then on to Minnesota for 6 weeks. That's a long time to be without my babies, but, that's how I provide for them.

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Yeah, I really like the sound and feel of those Spectors. My only gripe about them is that the body size is a bit small for having it rest on your leg while playing seated. However, it's not like that can't be remedied w/ a foot stool or by putting a wallet or similar between your leg and the bass.


The 5-strings are 35" scale. How's it feel for you coming from the 34" 'Ray?


Also, it's nice to read your words here, cornbread. I feel like it's been a while...






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Thanks WIllie. I haven't had much time to do much posting for a bit. It has been a while, but, I've been lurking about.


I don't really notice that extra inch while I'm playing. The body is a bit smaller, but, I mainly play standing up, so it's not that bad. I really like the less weight than my Ray, though, but, you can't beat that Stingray tone. That is one that Leo definitely got right.


I should be able to give a complete report in a few weeks. I'm going to El Paso for work in a few hours and then, hopefully, back home for a week and then to Minnesota for 6 weeks. I'll try and post some pics of it when I get back home.

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Super duper :idea: Well, what do you know. The threepeat. The holy grail of basses. Economical, pleasing to the ears, and pleasing to the eyes. Your girlfriend isn't the only jealous one. :thu:

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That's sweet !! A friend has a Korean model, and it's pretty cool. I've played the Europeans and they are quite fine !!!


Why are you leaving the instruments home when you are away? Get them insured, get headphone amp (I've got the Tascam thingy), and bring it along !!


That's a nice collection you are building.

Enjoy the new baby!




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