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BIG woofer


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Allright, call me eccentric (freak, whatever) but I am on the hunt for a 30" woofer. I know it sounds wierd but I have been messing with folded horn designs lately and came across one from the 1950's that calls for a 30". Take that puppy to the local club huh? Any secret sources out there?

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You could contact AccuGroove and get a:


"Whappo Grande 21 Sub:


This is not your normal everyday sub. We are talking extreme lows for extreme players. This is the same size cabinet as our El Whappo, but only 87 lbs. You can now hear your F# string ring loud & clear without any electronics & with your normal amp. Can I hear an Amen?


1 - 21 Sub Woofer with die-cast aluminum frame and 4.5 voice coils

2 Speakon jacks & recessed castor sockets for pop-in castors.

Professional grade 14-gage, oxygen-free, copper wire.

High Grade ¾ Void Free Birch Plywood, with Rabbet and Dado Construction

Power Rating: 800 watts RMS @ 8 Ohms RMS at 8 Ohms


Frequency Response & SPL: 22 Hz - 400 Hz @ 98 dB SPL (19 Hz @-6)

Dimensions: 32 ¼H x 24 ¾W x 18 ¼D

Weight: 87 lbs.

Retail: $2,160.00"


Check it out at:



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The next lower string from a low B string would, in standard tuning, be an F#.


I like to encourage people to explore new ideas. I also wonder whether it's a coincidence that nothing much has been done with this one since the 1950s. Who knows? Well, maybe you will! :idea:

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Wherefore art thou, greenboy? ;)


I've sampled the joy that is low end from the Whappo Grande 21". Astounding, really.


Why go to 30" when you can reach such wonderful bass freqs with 15", 18" and 21" drivers? At a certain point going lower reaches inaudibility... although sometimes bass is to be felt as much as it is to be heard.






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Those aura bass shaker are defintely a bang for the buck. less than half the price of the buttkicker.


I'm not sure how they hook up though...Do they require a separate power amp like the buttkicker does? :confused:

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First I have to check today's date. OK, it's not April 1st... and I really don't mean to discourage the "inner-Les Paul" in you, but...


Consider the weight of the magnet assembly and the likelihood of getting recone kits for a 30" speaker. And the power you'll need for that thang, which is roughly about a multiple of 4-8 times that of a standard 300WRMS head. OK, you can hire a personal road crew and setup guy to do the work for you.


Plus, there's the room. A room is functionally another potential bass cabinet, but the problem is the tonal/frequency characteristics change everytime someone walks in/out or goes to the "lava-tree". (a salud to Monty-P-fans!)


Oh, yeah, one more note, and I mean to put this as tactfully as possible. If you managed to pull this off, and it's possible I admit, bear in mind that reproducing that low-F# note at a room-filling level may have the effect of loosening your well-trained autonomic sphincter muscles enough to cause spontaneous defecation. I read once that a rig similar to what you're proposing was originally designed as a crowd-control device for some European police agencies.


Anyway, you can do it for less with a 2000-watt PA system, EQed and processed to your favorite frequencies. Or maybe you can rent Michael Anthony's rig for an evening when he's off the road. He seemed to get by with 8 SVT cabinets and a half-dozen or so SVT heads.


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