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bass detective..

Helge Lund

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30 years ago I had a bass that looked nearly as a Hofner beatle bass. But the head was like on an URB. Is it possible that any of the lowdowners knows what kind of bass this was?

And perhaps got a link where there is some pic's?


Helge :D

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I've seen a few with slotted URB style headstocks over the years in pawnshops, but don't remember who made them. EKO made a violin shaped bass in the 60's and 70's that had a flat headstock with a scroll at the top. There's a pic of one on this site . It's down near the bottom of the page and it loads a little slow, so be patient.
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Hi again!

I found an old picture of me playing that bass.

The picture was taken back in 1974 playing in a small hotell on an island outside the town of Tønsberg (south of Oslo). It was my first band who was getting out of the garage! And I was 18, the summer was warm, and so was all the girls! It was a great time!

But, I'm still wondering about this bass!

Please help me!



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