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Pre-amp conundrum


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Hello All,


I've got a question about bass pre-amps (both on-board and out-board). I've got an '01 fender jazz bass with lindy fralin pickups that i would like to have a little more tonal control over and am contemplating adding a pre-amp to the signal chain. i'm currently leaning toward the aguilar obp (1 or 3), sadowsky, or the fodera, but that's only because i'm familiar with the names and they all seem to have a good reputation. since i don't exactly have unlimited funds to play 'switch-em-out' until i've got what i consider to be the best tone, i was hoping for some input from you guys (and i mean that in a totally non-gender specific way) who have some experience with these units or others i may not be familiar with.


your feedback is much appreciated.

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I'd suggest you do a search on a few different pre-amps. If it was me I'd go with an out-board pre-amp like the Sadowsky or Sansamp, but then again, I'm pretty happy with how my bass sounds through my amp as is so what the heck do I know! ;)

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To follow up on 73pbass, some of these manufacturers offer outboard versions. You could test the outboard to get an idea how it would sound on-board.


While you are looking, there is the J-Retro (click here to see them) , Demeter, and Raven Labs makes a J onboard. Not to mention just about every pickup maker.


While these things are made to fit in your bass, I sometimes wonder about leaving your bass alone and using an outboard. SansAmp or MXR80 come to mind, but there are many.


Let us know what your next step is, and welcome!




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