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OT: Chicago/EWF concert review


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Hi all.


I saw Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire this past Saturday in Charlotte. What a show! Both bands were on stage to begin and end the show.


After playing "Beginnings", "In The Stone" and "Questions 67 & 68" together, Chicago left the stage and EWF played their set. Then, following a 10 minute break, Chicago played their set.


For the "encore" both bands came back on stage to end the show. Playing, "Free" an EWF song the title of which I can't remember, and ending with "25 or 6 to 4" .


Highlights: Phillip Bailey nearly stole the show when he joined Chicago and sang "If you Leave me Now".

Verdine White! The man was all over the place! He never stopped moving. It's no wonder he's still skinny!

Also, Bill Champlin joined EWF to sing "After the Love is Gone" (I didn't realize he wrote this until now).



It took a while for the sound tech to get everything set and they missed some of their cues for the vocals.

Bill Champlin shouldn't try to play lead guitar and sing.


This post is getting too long, so I'll end it here. This is definitely a show worth seeing.

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Sounds like it would be worth the trip. That show will be in Minneapolis at the Target Center in August. That's about as close as they get to me up here in the sticks.


I was planning to go, but I agreed to play in the summer production of "Chicago" which, of course, plays the same time as the Chicago/EWF gig in Minneapolis.


Oh well, at least I'm making money instead of spending it. Gives me a chance to try the new pickup on the acoustic and the Avalon.

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