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SansAmp RBI + QSC PLX 1602 combination


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I think you will be happy with that set up.


I have a SansAmp that I use with a single 12" cab and when I use the "SVT" setting it sounds pretty sweet. I'm sure with an actual Ampeg cab, you'll get the sound you are looking for. I have used a 1602 before and liked it very much.


Sounds like a good rig. The best part is, if you don't like part of it, you can swap it out with something else. That's the beauty of using seperate items.

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Originally posted by xvincex:

Is this a good combination if I want to get a tube-like/warm/slightly distorted sound?


I'd be driving this into an Ampeg SVT-810e.

I play in a metal band so this is the kind of sound I need..

I know several bassists that use an RBI/QSC setup and are very happy with the results.

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