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Capo on Bass???


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OK I am reallly guitar player- I admit it.


This weekend I tracked a song and ended up using a capo on fret 3 of my fender Jazz.

I like what you can do with your hand down the neck while beiing able to use an open string or two to play off of. Unless you always want to be in the same few keys this is not possible without either alternative tunings or-- a capo.


I dont think Ive ever noticed a "real" bass player using one. Why not? Does anyone else ever do this?


FWIW- It sounded fine to me.

Check out some tunes here:


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McCartney used a capo on his Hofner on at least one occasion.


There is a picture of him using this on a recording session. My suspicion is that he did this on "I'm Only Sleeping." When they recorded this song they performed it at a faster tempo with the tape machine vari-speeded up a bit. Then when they overdubbed vocals the vari-speeded the tape deck down a bit. When they mixed the song down with the deck running at the correct speed they ended up with the really laid-back, kind of dreamy backing track and the higher pitch vocals that ended up on the record.

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you can get one string and two string cappos for guitar, i always wanted one to do simple chords through out the song, but never actually found one.

Sounds like a good idea thats what i'll buy next time im in the shop.

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Originally posted by Raven:

I use one sometimes on my 6-string. Its easier than having to drop tune for one or two songs and then retune. If it works for you go for it.

(IMHO) :thu:

I've done this as well on a five string to play a song 1/2 step down where a lot chords where formed using the open D and the G string.
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Originaly poster by Dr.Taz:

... where did you get the capo for your six string?....
I found a "bungee" type one that was made for a 12-string guitar, at the local music store. It just covers the width of the neck, but it works fine, plenty of pressure :) Something like that should fit your 5 just fine....


Rock on...

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i have used one on a 5er. just so i did not have to tune down to c#. i was jumping around a lot and found it easier. it was for an audition and the band broke up a week later. "hey you got the gig but the gig does not exist anymore." i just used one of those dunlop wrap arounds. it worked fine but i think if i tried to go passed the 7th fret it would have been a nightmare.
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Mike Manring and a capo is one fo the best things I've ever seen live - he makes it all (including snapping the capo off mid song) look so easy.


That day I found out they can be used as a creative tool as well. Brilliant. This thread has reminded me to get hold of one and start experimenting.

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