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Sound Forge/Windows XP Question


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I have an old version of Sound Forge on my PC, and I'm running windows XP. I was trying to bring up some rough mixes of my band in Sound Forge for editing, but it won't open .wma or .cda files. How can I convert to .wav files so I can open these file up for editing in Sound Forge?


I generally only use my PC for playback, and have no experience recording with my PC. But it would be nice to be able to play around and edit some rough mixes Sound Forge.


Any help appreciated.

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Well, if you're talking about cda files, I'm assuming you have those songs on a CD.


Put the CD into your CD player, Open SoundForge, go into Tools - Extract Audio from CD. Select the track you want.


You will then have the file, which you can edit to taste and save it as .wav, .mp3, or whatever.

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Originally posted by Edendude:



Thanks for your tip, but there is no 'Extract' option under tools in my copy of Sound Forge 4.0.


Anything else I might try?



Originally posted by Whacked:

do a google search.

there are file converters all over the place.

Or, if you feel like being lazy:


Click me!


You could convert nearly any of the major audio formats to any other one with that.

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You could also visit affiliated EQ magazine forums (also MusicPlayer): Frangioni's Studio Tech or O'Keefe's Project Studio. Even Anderton's SSS forum might be helpful. They are all great resources.


Do a search on one or more of those for "sound forge" and then post a new thread.






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