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are there any strings that go well with ibanez basses?


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im asking because its time to replace mine, and i dont want to get stiffed with bad strings. so i was thinking "maybe there are certain string brands that go well with certain brands of basses" i will take any and all suggestions :D

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well don't get super cheap strings, because they are most likely to be bad.


I've had good sounds with Ernie Ball slinkys. They are $20, so they are cheap and sound good. And you could call them a professional string too since they have an extensive list of players/endorsers on the back.


When they are new, they are very bright, but after a week or so, they mellow out a little and stay that way until they are dead or worn out.

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I have to disagree here.

Status Graphite Hotwires everytime on any bass.

They don't dull easily as Ernie Balls.

These vary from £13.00 to £23.00 depending on what your after for what style of playing.

Status Graphite Hotwires via Status Graphite UK

Elites are the other ones that you can try that sound great not matter what punishment they take.

Elite Bass Stings

Hope that helps :)

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