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MIDI Bass: Does it exist anymore?


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I'm looking to control synth sounds while playing bass. Does anyone make a MIDI bass pickup anymore? The closest thing I've found is the Roland V-Bass System and GK-2B Pickup, though it DOES NOT control other MIDI devices.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Steve Chick pioneered the wired -fret approach that Peavey and some Wal basses featured. That is the fastest triggering i have seen yet. There's a Axxon system that some people swear by but i could not get the settings right to control it the way i wanted to. From what I have read, a graph-tech or RMC system which uses sensors in the bridge saddle works best for tracking. Not sure how the Roland pickup would track MIDI - though it tracks the V bass with no delay, but again, it's not converting to midi... I have been waititng many years for someone to perfect this science for bassists.

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