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Why I haven't posted anything

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Ok, I came on here determined not to be a lurker, and what am I doing? Lurking. Mostly because the search button is so useful. :P


But anyway, I played my first bass concert on Thursday. It was just the school concert, but I had a blast. I'm in the jazz band, the bass player ditched the band halfway through the year. I think she decided she was too cool for it or something, either that or she's just too lazy. So I joined about 5 rehearsals before the final concert. I did a good job though, execpt I messed up on a part of one song, but I fixed that. My family said I looked like Steve Tyler up there.... just because of the lips. Bass face, you know.


So all you people take a moment now to look back on your first show. :)

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Congrats on your first concert... Quite an experience I bet. You must be doing something right... only 5 rehersals before the concert... I'm sure you did fine.

As for the "lurking", it's great you're using the search feature....... there is a wealth of information there... and if you still have a question after researching a topic, you're much more prepared to discuss it, and get the specific information you need. You're doing it right :thu:

I'm glad there are young players like you here. Learn all you can so you can help guide the next generation of bassists.


Rock on...... :cool:

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My first show was just me and my classical guitar in front of like 400 or so people, and I was scared to death.


But for the record browsing the forum and not posting isn't lurking if you've got nothing to say. I don't post very often, many times people have already answered questions fully or have more expertise in an area than I, so why post for the sake of posting? Outside if the Geezer Butler Rulz thread I find pointless posting kinda vulgar. I mean if there is nothing for me to post or read I get out of here faster an on with other stuff.

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First show...


July of 1981 (I was 15). St. Linus church fair in Dearborn Heights, MI.,. It was my cousin Dave, our friend Ed and me. I had only been playing the bass for a couple of months at that point, and we knew about 5 tunes (beginner classics like Sweet Home Alabama, House of the Rising Sun, Jumping Jack Flash, etc.). I was in a full leg cast from getting hit by a car so I had to half sit on a bar stool to play. I even sang 2 of the songs. I'm sure it must have sounded kind of pitiful in retrospect. When we got done, the gracious folks at the fair were appreciative and generous with their applause, and even asked us to play some more. As we didn't know anaything else to play, we played a couple of songs over again and called it a night. It was an addictive first taste of limelight!


It was a totally positive first experience, and it wasn't long until we got ourselves into more showcase type gigs/talent shows - I think because it was a cool gimmick that the whole band had to be driven to the shows by our moms as none of us were old enough to drive, yet there we were on stage rocking out with the 20-somethings.



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My first gig was a wedding in 1971. Four-piece rock band, all of us still in high school, and the other three were experienced musicians who were formerly in another band.


We played some covers but also some original music. It was a blast! I played a 1962 Fender Jazz bass through a Traynor bass amp and through a WEST bass cabinet (same cabinets that Grand Funk and the Frost used so this was good enough for me..)and used a COILED guitar cable (red, if I recall correctly)!


I went with the lead guitarist to various musical performances around the metro-Detroit area, listening to musicians running the gamut from Andres Segovia (classical guitar) to famous jazz musicians at the famed Detroit jazz venue, Bakers Keyboard Lounge (yes, even though we were underage we got in--no problem--those days people weren't so uptight nor as "politically Correct" as we seem to be today...)


The guitarist has for years taught classical guitar at the Peabody Institute and was then (as well as now) truly serious about music and about the guitar. He was a GREAT influence on me--helping me with both music theory and also about rock and roll in a gigging setting.


What great memories--kewl thread!

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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