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Determining the age of a bass


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Where is the serial # on the bass? If it is on the head stock, what letter precedes the numbers?

If it is on the neck plate what 3 #'s does it start with?

Serial #'s on Fenders changes from time to time, and are not always truly accurate.

As my more vintage Bro stated, there are web sites that can help your search. A helpful book is "The Fender Bass: An Illustrated History".

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You certainly triggered my imagination.


Since we're in the cicada season here, I left my bass out in the backyard last night knowing that, if it was built 17 years ago, it would be covered by copulating bugs when I checked on it this morning.


But there was nary a cicada. I concluded that it is older than 17, so I tried the Brit's suggestion, cut it, and counted the rings. Sure enough: 1983.


Thanks! (Now, who knows the best glue on the market for basses?)

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you really cut the bass open?!! :eek::eek:


no bass deserves that!! :cry:

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