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Are Korean fender bass guitar any good?


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A few weeks ago i went and check a fender 5 string, i was wondering if it's a good bass coz it's made in korea, with the retail price of $990.00, it has a nice hardware all in gold(machine heads, bridge etc.) and it has 2 soap bar pick-up dont know who made it, pls help and give me info about this bass :confused:
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That price is WAY too high for a Korean-made Fender.


The Fender V in this ad:

Fender V at Musiciansfriend is selling for half the price of the bass you were looking at. And it was made in Mexico, which for Fender means slightly higher quality than made in Korea.


There are plenty of excellent instruments coming out of Korea these days, but I normally wouldn't include Korean Fenders in that group. But every bass is different and an individual bass might be good.


But don't spend that amount of money! Unless there's something I don't know about inflation in the Phillipines.

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Originally posted by 73 P Bass:

For the record, Bassman65 is in the Philippines.

USA pricing might not apply.



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is it one of those fender zone basses? i don't remember if they are made in korea or not. if they are one in the same the ones i have played have seemed really nice. try it out and decide if the quality is worth the price. if you leave the store feeling like you got hosed then it was not a great deal regardless of the price.
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