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bass worth


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i wouldn't sell it if I were you... ;)
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What kind of shape is it in? Does it have all of its original parts? Case? You can't swing a dead cat without hitting an old Jazz on the net. You should be able to find one in similar shape no problem. I would guess that prices for a mostly original '70 jazz start at around $1300 unless the neck is twisted or has been used to knock baseballs around.
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Than is worth no amount of money, but if ya still want money ummm i guess(not 2 good at this) 1500-2000?



The basses

-'04 MIM Jazz bass black

-'98 Fender American-Deluxe P-bass natural

-Peavey FuryII blue

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Your music teacher (now deceased) let you have this as a bargain for a reason.


Don't sell it, don't let it get in a situation where it'll get stolen or messed up.


Be amazingly thankful. If I were dying, and I could pick one student to bestow one of my instruments, it'd have to be a hell of a student...and I've had plenty of those.


Consider it his blessing on your bass career.


(Before y'all get any ideas...when I die, my collection goes to bassist Justin Brown.) :D

Yep. I'm the other voice in the head of davebrownbass.
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Vintage Guitar Magazine prints a list compiled by dealers with prices for various instruments every month (the instruments change from month to month, but the usual suspects are there), that would probably give you a good idea. It's a pretty cool mag in general too.

Jazz Basses are more desirable than P basses, or at least the go for more $$$.

70's Fenders are going for more and more, some are not worth it.

J.C.'s ball park is probably pretty good.

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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To me, the way a '70's Jazz bass should be priced is determinant on what condition it's in, how it sounds and how it plays. A good number of late 60's and early 70's instruments actually DO have some leftover parts that were made in the pre-CBS era.


I think the main reason why late 60's early 70's instruments have gone up in price is because the pre-CBS instruments have gone up in price so much that even some of the CBS era instruments are desirable. It boils down to that, really.


My '73 Jazz cost me under $800, but I've had it for about 7 years or so. This is before 70's instruments started going higher in price. I think I could sell it now for about double what I paid for it, but I want to hang onto it.

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