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turn back the clock


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When I was in fifth grade and we were picking instruments for band, in order to pick percussion you had to have had at least two years of piano. I met this requirement, but for some reason I didn't pick percussion. I can't remember if it was cost, or perhaps that it looked like "percussion" actually mostly meant xylophone at the time. I picked baritone and the next year was asked to move to the trombone section that needed some help. The next year, the percussionists were actually playing drums.


Maybe the baritone and trombone influenced my decision to play bass more than I realize. Maybe if I played drums, I would never have picked up bass. But I'd really like to think that if I'd picked the drums, I would have still picked up bass and would be good at both, with my work on one solidifying the other.

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Nothing for me to check.


If I could turn back the clock I would've been more studious re: my bass lessons while in high school and I would've taken bass lessons and maybe a music theory class or two in college -- but not for a degree.


However, depending on how my future obligations progress, I might periodically take the occasional community college ear training, or theory, or music history class if time allows. I am planning to take some more lessons and be more proactive about getting into a situation that allows me to gig once in a while. :idea:






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I didn't check any of the options either. If I could do it all again, concerning music, anyway; I'd study guitar and bass more systematically when I was a teen and had all that time on my hands ("youth is wasted on the young."). I feel that after 35 years of playing guitar and bass, I should be a lot better than I am now. I would have also sought out and played in more bands. As it was, I was too self-conscious to do so. I also would have gotten laid more, but that is a different topic....



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Hmmmm...no option there for me either.


And the marriage thing....that's a bit troubling....


How about....invested some money at age 20?


...studied more before marriage?


...started my teaching career earlier?


...buying that German flatback or the Pollman offered to me cheap back in 1980?


...spent more time taking my kids to church at a younger age?


...exercise more, eat less?


...tons of other stuff....

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I chose the option of going to a university and study. Having only been playing for 3 years and currently 33 yrs old, sometimes I think about all the time/pleasure I have missed by not starting earlier. Of course the flip side is all of the things I have because I waited, a wife I love, two beautiful children, a house with a pool and the flexibility take up music now.
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While I would like to study the bass at a high level, I'm not about to turn back the clock and choose a different degree, because the one I have (computer science) pretty much pays for all of my musical pursuits right now. A music degree might not have given me the same flexibility.


As for staying single, I still am, so there wouldn't be any clock to turn back on that.


No option for me to check, then, since I also play keys, drums, and guitar, and love my current rig. :)

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I picked "learn keys" and "bought the good rig to start with". I think I picked these because I'm now trying to learn keys (to understand theory) and trying not to buy the best rig available. So, no real regrets, just more stuff to do now.


Dave Brown...you should have invested in a new fender when you were 20!

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I will always be a bassist.


But if I could turn back time, then I would definetly save and get my dream rig.


Probably an Aggy Pre/Power with an ampeg or SWR 6x10 :D


...dammit now I have GAS for some Aggys :eek::freak:

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None of those.


I would have played URB bass from the beginning, instead of violin. See, when I started violin, I just wanted to be able to play and never had any real strong feelings of attraction to the instrument. Of course I do now (playing for 6 years will do that to you), but the second I picked up a bass, it felt right. Even now I find that I can name a whole whack of bassists but hardly any important violinists

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