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#6's Monster Buy

The Bear Jew

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OK, so I thought you all might appreciate this.


Yesterday, while I was perusing a local music website's "For Sale" section, I stumbled across this ad:



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(5/19/04 8:58 pm)

Reply AMPEG bass cabintes for sale


1-svt 4x10 cabinet,1-svt 15 inch..10 years old,they sound great..first $75.00 GETS THE PAIR.

8 ohms,200 watts.

e-mail MIKE @blah... etc






Even if they're all screwed up looking and "hurted," they GOTTA be worth a look.


Naturally... I thought of my homey, #6, also known as Chris... or Butt Butt, depending on what he's eaten most recently.


He placed an e-mail to the seller... and... I think he's gonna get these cabs. The dude sez they're a lil' beat up, but sound great.


Now, I'm thinking these cabs probably have the typical complaint that most SVT cabs eventually develop -- the covering is peeling off from being scraped and loaded in and out of vehicles and onto and off of stages. Makes most Ampeg cabs start to look like they have leprosy after a while... unless they're in road cases. I doubt these were.


So... Chris plans to grab these cabs for $75. and either fix 'em up by repairing the aesthetic damages or simply removing all of the covering and spraying them black. Duh.


Woo hoo. More bass cabinets in the basement. Hhahahaha. That's some scary shit.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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Truck bedliner works great for speaker cabs. IF you can find somebody locally that sprays that stuff yer in bidness. A locall sound company makes some of their smaller PA cabs and monitors and they have 'em sprayed. It works great.
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Hey is that truck bedliner spray stuff available in an Auto parts store? I might get that to spray on my subwoofer for my car.


I'll probably just put some random pieces of carpet on it. :D

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Yah, the truck bed liner is available over the counter at auto parts stores, I think home centers like Lowe's and The Home Despot carry it too. One brand is Herculiner, and there are kits out there for as little as (edit) $29.99 for a quart...
- Matt W.
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OK, so here's what happened.


#6 got in touch with the guy and set up an exchange for last night. He couldn't believe the guy was selling these supposedly primo cabs so cheaply. Well... Mr. Cab Salesman had apparently decided to ditch the "big boy" gear because he got a new Ampeg 4x10 last year that's a lot easier on his back. He just stopped lugging around a 4x10 and a 1x15 and started using a different 4x10 alone. Kinda made me wonder why he didn't just use the 4x10 from this set... I mean, why replace one thing with another... that's basically the same thing... unless the first one is trashed or something?


So we had some trepidation as we split from rehearsal to meet up with Mr. CS in the parking lot of a local Best Buy. Felt like we were doing something shady... like a drug deal. And, naturally, there was no way to test out the cabs in that parking lot. But, hey, for $75., even if all the speakers were blown, the cabs alone would be worth the expense.


Mr. CS had a truck with a cap on the back, and he had the cabs sitting in there. He popped the gate, and we took a look. Nothing wrong with these cabs, my friends. Not one thing. Now, they don't look like they're brand new. I mean, they're 10 years old, and this dude used them since they were purchased in Union, NJ - yeah, they still have store stickers. There are a few dings and dents, but they look fine. No bad peely parts, and there was just one rip in the speaker grille... a small one.


So... #6 gave Mr. CS $80 ($5. extra because he wanted to be a sport,) and we rolled. We were all excited... although I was still concerned that we hadn't heard them yet.


So... we got home, loaded the cabs into the rehearsal space (they're not too heavy) and looked under the hood. Well, one of the 10" speakers had a little rip in it. A little gaffer tape solved that issue. Other than some dust, there were no other problems, so we powered 'em up with my trusty SWR SM-500 head.




All of our worries were set to rest. These frickin' things are LOUD. They're 200-watt, 8-ohm cabs, and the 4x10 has a little tweaker with an attenuator dial in the back. The 1x15 is ported. Stacked up, with 250 watts running through each cab, the sound is heavenly and old-school like Madball Capasso's EB-3. Nice and thumpy with a nifty "rubbery" attack. Veddy nice.


We jammed on a few tunes and chilled while we tricked out the cabs - covering the Ampeg logos with black gaffer tape and adding some mudflap girls. We also fixed the grille rip with gaffer tape. Damn, that stuff is magical.


$75? Unreal.


We're happy boys. We now have TWO great bass rigs. My Mesa-Boogs are now taking a little rest. I wonder which rig will be coming out to play with us?


I'll post pics when I can get my digi camera again.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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