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New Sly & Robbie Shakespeare album. Get it!

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The album is called;

'Dub Revolutionaries: Sly & Robbie Meet Mad Professor.

Man, this is serious reggae basslines. As for Sly on drums, God must be playing through this guy! :eek: Catch them live when you can.


Also sample the following: :thu:

1.'King Tubbys meets Rockers Uptown - Deluxe Edition by Augustus Pablo.

2. 'Jesus Dread (1972-79)' by Yabby You

3. 'Family Man in Dub' by Aston Barrett.


Just sample them on Amazon, see what you feel. ;)

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While you're pushing reggae/dub albums, I wonder if you have heard Radioaxiom by Bill Laswell and Jah Wobble.


A few years ago, they had a reggae exhibit at the Experience Music Project (which is a rock music museum) in Seattle. There was a dub room which had an amazing bass sound.


I bought a compilation cd called Dub Chill Out which has a lot of King Tubby on it. Nice stuff.


Meanwhile, if you take recommendations outside of your field, I've been listening to Time Squared by the Yellowjackets which as about as sophisticated at jazz fusion is ever going to get.

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Oh yes Jeremy. I do get oy of my 'field' lots of time. I'll check out the Yellow Jackets. ;)


I know Jah Wobble. Friends of mine from Temple Of Sound work with him. Usually, his songs are made for dub, essentially.


The King Tubby, Sly & Robbie etc.. releases are usually originally songs with vocals that are remixed as dub. These are usually better as they are driven not only by rhythm, but by melody. :thu:

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